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Skins 3


A FEW DAYS AGO I started watching the third series of SKINS... and no, I've not spent my previous life living under a rock or something... we simply don't have SKINS on TV here. Sad, I know. Anyways, I found a link to watch it online (*cough* www.streamskins.com). 

As of now, I'm on to the sixth episode. So the latest episode I watched was Freddie-centric. 

There's a few things I just feel I need to get off my chest... I've already commented on a few of likecharity's posts (someone has to tell me how to use links in posts someday... xD) in which she comments on the new episodes - still I wanted to have my own rant/ squee post. So, yeah...


First off, SQUEE!! SKINS ! SKINS ! SKINS! It's back, mo****fucker! :D

Now, on to the more serious stuff. Lol. 

Here a few things that I agree/disagree about with Likecharity.


... FREDDIE being a boring, uninteresting, dull character. I don't even find him very attrative... (sry, Freddie!fangirls, lol)

... FREDDIE/EFFY being a predictable, cliché couple... (sry, Effy, you know I love you despite all<3) 

... KAREN/FREDDiE totally having to have incestious hate!sex. Because YAY INCEST!! and YAY HATE!SEX :D 

... it being a bit akward that EFFY has friends. Lol. It's just not too easy to get used to her hanging around with a group.


...COOK. Because I absolutely adore him. To bits.
                 In her 'Skins Post!' Likecharity mentions: 'Cook still disgusts me to my very core.' 
                 Well, I LIKE HIM. I can totally see why many people don't  though, it's perfectly understandable. He acts like a total a prick afterall. xD


Despite me totally squeeing over the new season (naturally - it's SKINS!!) and also being less faithful to the first generation than I thought I would be (yeah, I miss them but I still like the new cast/ characters) there is one thing that bugs me ... quite a lot, really-

SKINS SERIES 3 i too OTT (over the top) for me. 

I know, I know... nudity, drugs, underage, sex, crazy is WHAT MAKES SKINS. Sure. But, to me, this is currently getting a bit out of hands-


- taking drugs, boozing, having sex etc. etc. ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL already? Sure, it was part of the plot but the way Cook (and Effy) rushed through everything made it boring, like a routine. 

-then, presenting the teachers as completely dim-witted. Yeah, Angie had a few issues, and the teacher who took Cassie's A-LEVELS danced with her through the exam (that was cute, btw) but THEY WERE FUNNY AND NOT  NEARLY AS PATHETIC AS THE TEACHERS OF THIS SEASON.

-also, what's up with Cook sexin' entire BRISTOL? Lol. Sorry, but I stopped counting quite a while ago. It's not like I dislike manwhores (quite the opposite, really xD) but Cook shagging about everyone and everything? That's just not realistic anymore...

-especially since he's not the only one of the group. 
 Last two seasons, many characters did have a lot of sex etc (just think Cassie, Tony...) but each in their own way and it wasn't like 'that's all  there is to them'... 
 This season, virginial!Pandora gets deflowered after the first four(?) episodes, straight/closet!Naomi and shy!Emily get at it, also in the same episode ... and do we need to elabotate on Katie whoring herself out to some football player... or Cook and Effy? I think not.

Well, like I said, for me that's just a bit too much... and also TOO FAST. 

That's what adds to everything- the speed. I feel like things are being extremly rushed (especially the Naomi/Emily action and Pandora's deflowering - which I, despite all, LOVED).

It's like the writers think the only way to keep up with the awesomeness of the first generation is have more sexdrugsboozepartycrazy in the episodes ... but what do they say again?



Well, after all that critism...



- NAOMI/EMILY (femmeslash, heh.)

-COOK/FREDDIE  ('I fucking love you.')

- all the possibilities, oh the possibilities: Effy/Pandora, Cook/JJ, Effy/Emily... ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING GOES.


At the risk of repeating myself, *cough*: I really, really, really liked the gay. STILL. Wasn't it also too rushed?

I found it a tiny bit unlikely that something physically would actually happen between Emily and Naomi. Yeah, I know it was the drugs. Right.

Cook kissing Freddie ON THE MOUTH was almost too good to be true. And in a way it literally was. Not because I don't ship them (I do, HARD) but because, let's be honest, we've only had so much as a glimpse of their relationship and when Cook told Freddie he 'fucking loved him' it just didn't go without saying like when Tony kissed Sid. We all knew it, we all knew Tony fucking loved Sid. Here, we couldn't be too sure, could we now?


I know this might've sounded like I didn't like the new series very much BUT I DID! 

It just so happened I put every tiny it of existant critism into this post and then rambled the day away. I hope I didn't sound too fussy. xD 
The things I mentioned were just things that could be improved to make the series even better. After all, not even SKINS is flawless...
Okay, it might be...


Did I make any sense at all? 



(Beware, SPOILERYt: Season 3, Ep. 1-5)
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