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(Not) Suffering The Consequences



 Title: (Not) Suffering The Consequences, Part 2

 Author: yazzigazzi

 Pairing: Harry/Draco

 Words: ~3600

 Rating: NC-17

 Warnings: Slash (surprise, surprise), PWP (basically)

 Genre: Porn, Romance, Humor(?)

A/N: This is the Sequel to Better Not Be Late.


Summary: Harry has a dream after the 'incident'. It occurs to him he somewhat, although against his will, is in Malfoy's debt. Of course, his inner Gryffindor cannot allow that...


 Disclaimer: I still own nothing but my poor soul.









"Get the ingredients" Malfoy said casually, not bothering to look up from his notes.


They had been paired of. Snape was in a particular bad mood today and that meant his eyes didn't show his usual 'One-Wrong-Move-And-I’ll-Crucio’ but they screamed murder. Harry had been smart enough not to complain when he had been partnered up with Malfoy.


Dreading what was going to happen he had walked over to Malfoy's table and received nothing but his indifference.


"Get the ingredients, Potter"


Even after repeating it a second time Malfoy still didn't look up and Harry began to feel like a house elf.


After getting the ingredients they needed for the potion he sat down. Harry couldn't believe it. While copying the instructions from the board he looked at the boy next to him from time to time. Malfoy did not look up once, nor did he give any indication that Harry was there. His grey eyes were glued to the parchment roll in front of him where he wrote in neat, curved letters. His pink lips were slightly pursed... Harry shuddered involuntary.


The rest of the lesson was rather uneventful since Harry copied Malfoy's behavior and pretended not to take any notice of the boy beside him. It was almost ridiculous how bothered Harry was by the fact that Malfoy was so indifferent.




Harry's broom vibrated pleasantly and he zoomed into the air. From somewhere near the ground he heard Wood shout something so he turned his Firebolt and dived for the ground. Suddenly he saw a flash of gold and after chasing it for a while he finally held the small golden Snitch in his fist, releasing it right in front of Oliver's nose.


Wood gave him reproachful look but Harry saw that he was beaming inwardly at his skilled Seeker.


"Today we're going to practice some brand new strategies for Seekers. I'm gonna show you the first one and you'll try to copy it... Well. Ready? Go." Wood's broom shot in the air and Harry watched as he showed him how to do it. Harry mounted his own broom and mimicked the movements.


After some minutes he got the hang out of it and tried to speed the whole thing up.


From his height he saw several people in green Quidditch robes walk towards the Quidditch field. Oliver noticed what Harry was starring at and signalled Harry to ignore the Slytherins. Ignore them, Harry. Harry had to snort at the irony.


He continued his practice and followed Woods advice but for some reason he was distracted and could not manage to fly as well as he had done before. He grew awfully determined, trying to do it as brilliantly as earlier but it just would not work.


The Slytherins had started to fly around across the field. He felt someone look at him and he made a spin, speeding through the air. But the more he tried the worse he got and after some time Wood waved Harry to come back down again, telling him that they would continue on the weekend.


Harry got down remorsefully and walked into the showering rooms. He was mad at himself for trying to show off. It was really unlike him to do something like that. He peeled off his Quidditch robes and got into the shower closest to the door.


The hot water cascaded soothingly down his back and he relaxed, closing his eyes.


The soft click of the door told him that someone had entered. He supposed it was Wood so he kept his eyes closed. He heard water noises on the other side of the room. When he opened his eyes again he saw a tall and blond certain, occupying a shower. And he was certainly not his team Captain.


Harry starred at him open-mouthed. Wet hair, water dripping down his torso...


"Take a picture, it'll last longer"


Malfoy had raised an eye brow sarcastically and looked at him.


Harry looked away quickly. Yes, he had a toned body. And yes, pale did definitely not look that bad on him. But that was absolutely no reason to stare at the Slytherin like that. He was daring his luck. If he kept acting like that Malfoy would spill the beans to other people after all and Harry did certainly not want that...


Feeling uncomfortable Harry quickly turned his back to Malfoy and continued his shower, trying to clean himself as quickly as possible.


Harry could not help but wonder why Malfoy pretended nothing had happened. He had expected everything- but this.


"You're not that hot after all" said Malfoy's voice in his head. Loud and clear. Harry jerked a little and told himself to stop thinking.


He wanted to face Malfoy. Screw being reasonable! He turned around and Malfoy was... gone.




The sentence still nagged at him as Harry lay in his bed, eyes wide open. He knew he was being stupid, it had just been a dream. He also knew all too well that even if it had not been a dream he should not be bothered by it- at all.


He tossed around and tried to sleep but sleep just refused come.


So what? Let's say Malfoy doesn't think you're hot, he told himself. You shouldn't even think about it twice.


Yes, but apparently you or rather your body seemed to be attracted to him back in that room..., another voice shot back.


That was an... unusual situation, a third voice replied carefully.


 Maybe... maybe he thinks I owe him now, Harry thought, remembering his dream. Harry, you know you owe me!


You most certainly do not, said the third voice.


You can twist it and turn it as much as you want but the only way to answer that negatively is denial, pointed the other voice out.


Shut up! All of you, Harry screamed mentally, but his Gryffindor conscious had already kicked in.


He somehow did owe him and Harry didn't want that. The only way to turn back to normal was to get even. As much as he hated to admit, it was true.


Finally satisfied and with a plan on his mind he drifted off to sleep.




The next day was a Friday and Harry was determined to get into action with his plan before the weekend's Quidditch practice. They had their last class before lunch and although Harry had no idea whether the Slytherin's class also ended that early he set his plan into action right after lunch. He figured it would only be fair if Malfoy would miss some of his classes.


Hermione helped Ron study and although Harry did not particularly like the idea he lied at them, saying he was going to the library. Fortunately, they seemed to be too caught up in their homework to notice how he acted strangely.


He studied the recently traitorous map of the Maudaurers’, following the ink spot crowd of Slytherins.


He was relieved to see that after a short time Parkinson, Zabini and the other Slytherins separated from Draco L. Malfoy and his two cronies Crabbe and Goyle.


Harry quietly followed them and sent two spells at Crabbe and Goyle. They suddenly turned greenish and said something to Malfoy who looked at them annoyed. Then they ran for it, probably looking for the nearest bath room.


Harry smiled.


With a last look at the broom closets in the corridor he whispered: "Mischief managed" and the map became an old and used looking piece of parchment again.


Malfoy was now only a few feet away from a broom closet and Harry tiptoed behind him and, with a quick hand on the mouth, dragged him in it.


Malfoy did not put up a fight, did not even try to bite his fingers and just stood still as Harry locked the door behind them. Harry was grateful for that because, even if he would not admit it, it would have been nearly impossible to drag the Slytherin in otherwise. Malfoy was not only taller but also stronger- if he wanted to.


The space they were in was very small and Harry's body was pressed against the lean body of the other boy.


"Now, Potter, as much as I enjoy being dragged into a closet by you, what's that all about?"


Harry could nearly feel Malfoy smirk. "Are you going to try rape me?"


Harry grew rigid. Actually, he had planned on getting even and that did include giving Malfoy pleasure. Hearing him saying it like that made Harry feel very foolish. He flinched.


"Can't get enough of me, can you?" asked a husky voice. Malfoy grabbed his wrists and he was being pulled closer.


"I want to get even, Malfoy" Harry managed to say. "I... I mean, I don't know if I can do that but I don't wanna owe you anything."


Malfoy laughed.


Harry was taken aback and took some steps back, freeing himself from the embrace.


As soon as he did that the laugher stopped and Malfoy gripped his waist, pulling him back again. Harry gasped.


"You don't owe me anything" he said and his lips lingered on Harry's. The moistness nearly drove Harry crazy, wanting to lick it off...


"But, you did give me a hard time to control myself, if you were wondering" Draco said with slight amusement at Harry's insecurity.


"Yes, but... I didn't-" but Malfoy didn't let him finish.


"I took care of that problem later"


Harry flinched at the image as even more blood shot into his groin. He was turned on but Malfoy mistook his flinching.


"Please, Potter, if you can't even stand the image of me jerking off, how in Merlin's name are you gonna do it?"


Harry grasped between them, dipping into the other boy's pants, gripping his erection.


"Like that, I s'pose" Harry mumbled, biting his lip in concentration to make the right moves. It felt... nice. And warm.


And oh, so soft.


Malfoy let out a hiss and threw his head back. Harry curled his fingers around it firmly and began to pump. Malfoy's throat was exposed to him so he leaned forward, putting his lips on it.


He increased his pumping all the while nipping on the pale, delicate flesh in front of him. His teeth scratched over the sensitive skin and Harry found the idea of leaving marks surprisingly pleasant.


"Shit... Potter! What-"


Harry cut him off by stroking his thumb up and down his shaft from bottom to tip and back.


Malfoy’s hands that had been at the small of Harry's back stroked up and down, increasing the pressure on him, urging him to come closer. Harry stayed where he was and Malfoy let his head fall on Harry's shoulder in frustration and delight.


Harry continued his ministrations as did Malfoy on his back.


His shirt was pushed up as Malfoy caressed Harry's back and sides while Harry stroked his shaft. Suddenly Harry felt two hands slip into his pants, caressing his butt. Harry stepped nearer involuntarily, closing the space between the two of them.


Malfoy lifted his head from Harry's shoulder and Harry felt his ragged breath on his face. He leaned closer and Malfoy kissed him hard, making Harry pant for air. Malfoy thrust his tongue in Harry's mouth in same motion that Harry pumped.


As his ass was suddenly gripped really tightly, Harry felt Malfoy's orgasm shake through him. Still he did not cease to kiss Harry, pulling him even closer. Finally he left Harry's mouth and went on to his neck, sucking and soothing, probably leaving way bigger marks than Harry had left on him.


They were both panting as Harry was pulled close to Malfoy's chest and Harry felt the Slytherin's fast heart beat.


His hands were back at the small of Harry's back and at his neck. He stroked him there, his hand half up in Harry's black hair. He felt a nose nuzzling his hair, breathing in his scent.


After a moment Malfoy fixed his pants and Harry put his shirt back in place.


Harry did not know what to say and felt foolish to wave or say good-bye so he just walked over to the door. But an arm sneaked around his waist.


"Where do you think you're going?"


"Back" Harry breathed but stayed where he was.


"I don't think so" the boy in front of him said and spun Harry around. He walked him into the nearest wall, kneeing in front of him, working on his pants.


"No, you... don't ... I... not... again..." Harry choked.


But his attempts were futile.


The blond hair tickled him as the boy took his ball carefully into his mouth, sucking on it softly, curling his tongue around it.


"Don't... I can... if..."


Malfoy chuckled and Harry felt the vibrations going right through him. Malfoy released his ball.


"Not especially coherent, are you?" Malfoy asked, looking up at him.


Harry screwed his eyes close as Malfoy took him into his mouth. Harry sank into the wall behind him, scratching the wall with his nails. He clenched his jaw and teeth. A strong hand reached for his and placed it on top of the head in front of him.


Harry fisted the silky hair as much as possible without hurting the Slytherin. He let out a groan and came into Malfoy's mouth- the second time this week.


"I could get used to this" Malfoy said and got up.


"Do you think you can put your clothes back on, on your own today or do you my need help again?" he asked and casually touched Harry's jeans.


Harry quickly pulled his zipper back up.


Malfoy chuckled and was out of the door. Harry waited shortly so he would avoid seeing Malfoy though he was sure he would be gone quickly, not wanting to be seen near Harry. After some time he stumbled out, squinting his eyes at the light.


"Don't think you get away without saying good-bye"


Malfoy who had waited in front of the closet leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the mouth. Then he walked away, around the corner, leaving Harry to realize that he had just screwed up his whole plan.






To be continued...








A/N: Yes, they're still on last name basis. I suppose I'll just have to write another Sequel then, don't I? … By the way, I noticed this Draco is very much like the Draco from my other fic Tutoring in a Very Special Way. I like that in a Malfoy, okay? BTW, I know I' m not sticking to the story-line a hundred percent but it's not important for the story...





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