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Better Not Be Late (H/D), Part 2

 Title: Better Not Be Late, Part 2

 Author: yazzigazzi

 Pairing: H/D

 Rating: NC-17

 Word Count: ~2,600

 Warnings: Slash, cliché, PWP

 A/N: This is Part 2. Find Part 1 in my Journal.


Summary: Harry is late for class and somehow ends up being stuck with Malfoy. Things happen...



 Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. and others, not me.





 "Malfoy" Harry asked, trying to lean his head away "Malfoy? Are you sleeping?"

The only reply was the Slytherin's even breathing. As soon as Harry had leaned his head away, Malfoy moved and absently leaned closer to Harry, nuzzling his neck. Harry's breath caught in his throat and his heart skipped a beat. When the Slytherin's lips were at his neck Harry's breathing became louder and he shrugged the shoulder Malfoy was laying on.


"Are you trying to drive me insane?" Harry asked in the darkness, addressing no one really since Malfoy was unconscious of his actions.


However, he heard a low chuckle. "How'd you figure?"


"Well, it wasn't that hard considering that you have been taking every opportunity to make my life miserable gladly since we were first year. And now, all of the sudden, you nap on my shoulder" Harry pointed out sarcastically, not bothering to get into detail about the nap. He also didn't mention that it had not exactly just been a 'common nap' . Harry scolded himself. What was he thinking? The darkness seemed to be getting to him.


"Oh" was the reply.


They sat in silence for some more minutes, listening to each others breathing. At least Harry was listening to Draco's. Malfoy's!


"How about I make it up to you?" Malfoy's voice suddenly said right next to his ear.


"What?" Harry asked, believing to have misheard him.


Suddenly he felt Malfoy's hands on him. In an attempt to get up he noticed that Malfoy had turned so that he now pressed Harry between his firm body and the wall.


Breath ghosted over his face and he could hear the blond's mouth but inches from his ears.


"I think you heard me... I will make up for every single year of mocking, embarrassing and... harassing"


With that Harry found himself on the floor. Malfoy crawling up his body like a predator. His hands were working to undo Harry's red Gryffindor tie. His breathing was ragged and hard as Harry felt a head lean over his torso, felt hair gliding over his school shirt.


"No one has to know, Potter. So be a good little Gryffi and stop moving"


"Malfoy... you...you" But he couldn't find the words to speak. Draco Malfoy was kissing his neck, was pinning his hands to the floor with one hand, was gliding underneath.... oh!

Harry's hips jerked upwards involuntarily as the Slytherin's hands had sneaked into the waistband of his jeans under his boxers.


"Stoppp...." Harry hissed but Draco took no notice. He continued to lap on Harry's neck while his hand worked in Harry's pants. His knees were on either side of Harry's waist as he was leaning over to Harry's right ear.


"Don't deny you like that, Potter"


Slowly unbuttoning Harry's shirt he leaned away from Harry again. Harry felt the Slytherin's weight on him. He felt the hand getting out of his pants, leaving an uncomfortable coldness behind. Finally reaching the last button Malfoy leaned back again to place feather light kisses on Harry's belly, hip bone... on his throat again. He took one of Harry's nipples gently into his mouth, sucking on it, making Harry bite his lip to prevent himself from crying out loud. With shock Harry noticed that Malfoy had let go of his hands and they were now winding up in the blond's hair, slightly tugging, messing it up. He immediately let go, trying to lift himself up but then he felt the Slytherin's mouth at his hip bone again, kissing and licking going downwards. His erection was hitting cold air. Lifted on his elbows Harry couldn't move an inch as Draco's nose touched his groin and his mouth closed over his shaft.


He had to bite down on his lip hard to keep himself from screaming out loud. He sank back on his back again and couldn't do anything else but lie there and mumble things like "No.... Yes... Stop... No... I... We... Shouldn't... You..".


"C'mon" the one who was causing his distress urged. "Come for me, Potter"


The tongue was gliding to the back of his erection, wetting his balls and Harry knew he couldn't hold it much longer.


"C'mon... it's not that hard to let go" he heard Draco mumble. "Come for the Slytherin Prince"


With a jerk Harry shot into the blond's mouth. He expected him to spit it out in an instant but instead Harry heard him swallow. The weight on Harry disappeared.


"Was it the 'Slytherin Prince' that made you loose it?"


Harry felt the cold, hard stone floor beneath him. He listened to his own breathing. He had his eyes to the ceiling. He focused on everything but on the boy at his side. If it was possible to melt into the ground or vanish into thin air simply by wishing for it deeply with all of your heart, he would've been gone by now. But he had no such luck.


"Snake got your tongue?" he heard a mocking voice and suddenly someone glided his tongue into Harry's mouth. A warm body was pressing him into the ground. Hands tangling in his hair, fingers burying themselves in it. Long, slim, pale fingers.


Malfoy pulled back and whispered to him, his lips still at Harry's.


"C'mon, let's get outta here!"


When Harry didn't react the fingers removed from his hair and first buttoned his shirt all the way up and then moved to his pants. Before zipping him up however Harry heard a muttered cleaning spell and then the fingers ghosted over his skin there once more before they finally put his boxers and pants back in place, zipping him up.


Receiving a quick peck on the nose Harry remained to lay still.


"You're welcome, Potter."


The Slytherin got up and with a 'Lumos' the room they were in was slightly lit. The light, however, was not directed into Harry's direction but to the opposite wall were after another muttered spell a door appeared.


Harry heard it being opened and closed again.


He closed his eyes, letting out a breath to calm himself. Suddenly he heard another click and the door opened again.


"In case you hadn't noticed, you can get out now."


Harry shut his eyes again immediately. Not breathing he waited until the door was closed again and the only noise was his now fast breathing that filled the room. His lungs were in desperate need of some air and Harry groaned since he now had to think of another way to kill himself, choking was out of question.


Lying there until starvation was always an option.


It wasn't as if Malfoy would come back or tell anyone he was in here, for that matter. Why would he? Harry mentally smacked himself for being weak. Weak and stupid.


After about what seemed to be ages he finally got up. He would be punished thoroughly enough later. Malfoy surely wouldn't pass the chance to let him suffer the consequences for being weak and stupid. He made a mental note never to be late again- EVER.


How the hell had he ended up in this mess anyway?







Yes, there is a Sequel… if you want it.







A/N: Reviews are very welcome. By the way, BETA ANYONE? I know there are a few mistakes and typos… Sorry about that.








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