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Better not be late (H/D), Part 1

Title: Better Not Be Late

Author: yazzigazzi

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: M

Warnings: Slash, cliche (yay for H/D locked in a room), PWP, poor attempt at Latin

Genre: Porn (is that even a genre? xD), Romance, Humor(?)


Summary: Harry is late for class and somehow ends up being stuck with Malfoy. Things happen...

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my poor soul.









 Better Not Be Late




Harry ran down the deserted corridor. He was late for class. Hermione and Ron had not bothered to wait for him and now he had to use the 'Marauders' map' as a guide since he had no idea where the class room he looked for was located. It was their seventh year and their new teacher in Defense Against The Dark Arts, Professor McFidgit, seemed to need different fertilities for their today's lesson. He had announced that it would be a surprise and Harry snorted inwardly at the thought of it. It was true when being said that McFidgit loved to be in the center of attention and he also succeeded, if only with the girls. Still Harry didn't see what just about every female student of Hogwarts found "unbelievably nearly criminally attractive" about that new teacher. His train of thoughts was interrupted when he nearly walked into a wall. With a glance at the painting and a second glance at the map he figured that the class room their lesson took place was to be right behind that wall in front of him. Amor and Venus were glancing down from their painting through mischievous eyes.


"Password, dear?", the goddess with the long cascading waves of hair wanted to know in a high voice that sounded unsurprisingly melodic.


Harry sighed. They all must've met in front of it and went in together. The painted pair didn't seem bothered by his lack of response, neither did they show any sign that they were willing to help him get in.


"I kinda... I'm actually kinda late", Harry explained. "Would you mind... you know, making an exception? Just once, so I won't miss my whole class?"


He looked at them hopefully. Still smiling the woman shook her head and shrugged her shoulders apologetically.


"We are sorry", Amor replied and looked down at him sympathetically "but we cannot do that, boy. You have to deal with the consequences of your actions, even if it is just not being on time. The only way in is the password."


Harry cursed under his breath. "Thanks anyways." And with that he walked away. He would just have to... wait! Harry whirled around and ignoring the startled expressions of the god and the goddess he took out his map again.


Muttering the magic words to it he opened it and searched for his own spot of ink. Harry J. Potter was standing just in front of the wall on second floor that separated him to the other ink spots, named Rhyes P. D. McFidgit, Neville R. Longbottom, Vincent D. Crabbe, Draco L. Malfoy and so on. Suddenly a miniature ink wand appeared near to his spot. Seconds later a speech bubble appeared right next to it.


Name amore desira


Slightly wondering why he would have to use his wand to get it he took it out, pointing it at the painting.


"Name amore desira!" he said clearly and waved his wand towards the wall.


Venus and Amor exchanged quick glances but then nodded at him. The portrait swung away from the wall and granted him access to a door that had been hidden behind it. As soon as Harry had turned the knob, the door opened and the portrait moved back to its original place.


He was now facing complete darkness. He took a careful step forward. Nothing changed. It was still picthdark. No lights, no noise, no anything. That couldn't be right. Harry turned around, pointing his wand at the supposed direction of the door and muttered: "Alohomora"


If there had been a door it didn't show any sign of ever having existed. Harry let his hand wander over the cold stone wall where the door through which he just had entered, had been a moment ago. As he turned around again he tried to make out his surroundings but it was as if someone had used darkness powder on the room, or whatever he was captured in.


He rubbed his eyes and slowly walked forward, grateful for not running into anything until his foot hit something soft and a yelp echoed in the room.


"Dammit, watch where you're going, Potter!"


Harry jumped in surprise at the snarl and stumbled back.


"Malfoy?" he asked in disbelief.


"No, Einstein, Mrs. Norris" the voice replied grumpily.


Harry ignored him. "What the hell are you doing here? Where are all the others?"


Harry still couldn't see and carefully felt around looking for the wall nearest to him for orientation.


"What others?"


Harry was startled. And irritated. He was locked in a room that was dark as the night and on top he was stuck with that git. He had to get out. Now!


"The others, Malfoy. As in, Professor McFidget and the rest of the Gryffindors and your cronies, you know, the ugly dumb-looking one's!"


"Ah, why didn't you say that, Potter? The one with the long bottom, the weasel and the mud blood!" Malfoy snarled.


"Funny" Harry replied dryly.


Harry sighed and figured it was probably be smarter not to get into a fight with Malfoy right now. Raising an eye brow to himself he knew it wouldn't be possible when having said person in his sixty foot radius.


"Anyways, ferret, how'd you get in here?" he asks cooly.


"Same way you did. Told the fucking portrait to let me in and if they knew who I was... Apparently they value neither Malfoys nor Potters very much."


"Well, that's not exactly how I got in but what-"


Harry's foot suddenly collided with something hard and he yelped, jumping on one leg.


"I told you to watch where you're going..."


Malfoy's voice sounded innocent and sincere but Harry knew him well enough to know he was amused, even when not audible.


"It's frigging dark in here."


"Why haven't you 'Lumoed' then, huh?"


"Why haven't you, now, smart ass?"


"Are you telling me you actually haven't tried yet?" Malfoy looked at him in disbelief. "I was just trying to irritate you"


"And what's that supposed to mean?" Harry asked, now really irritated. Why did Malfoy always manae to make him feel stupid?


"It means", Malfoy said, slowly as if talking to a child "that as soon as you entered the room, all magical energy was drawn from your wand."


"What?" Harry gaped at him. "How do you know?"


"Well, I figured it as soon as I felt the chill when I entered. Unlike you, I am reading. I've read about that charm". Guessing Harry's horror strucken expression he added  "but don't worry, it should take off after about six to fourteen hours, well, five if we're lucky."


Harry groaned it frustration. 


"Don't get my hopes up... I love not to eat for fourteen effing hours"


"Is that all you ever think about, Potter? Food!? ... By the way, it's awfully cute when you use 'friggin' or 'effing'. Is the real word too much for you? Charming."


For the moment, Harry was glad that it was dark so Malfoy couldn't see his face turn red. He wasn't blushing though. He was just angry and frustrated, that was all. Harry also hadn't mentioned that the idea of not eating in all that time was far less worse than being stuck with Draco Malfoy but it would just be worse if they were to fight the whole time.


They both fell silent and Harry cursed his luck.


"Why don't you sit down, Potter?"


He heard Malfoy patting the floor next to him and with a sigh Harry slid down the wall, leaning his back against it to sit up straight.


"How long have you been in here anyways?" he wanted to know.


"I got in about twenty one minutes before you arrived... just must've missed them" Malfoy answered.


Harry chuckled.


"That was pretty precise, Malfoy...  Wow, I must've been really late"


"What else is new, boy wonder?"


After a short moment of more silence, Harry asked:


"You've been in here all that time?"


"Like I said."


Harry couldn't make out Malfoy's expression in the dark but he heard him yawn and stretch slightly.


Then, he felt a head being dropped onto his shoulder. He jumped and stiffened immediately.


"What are you doing?" Harry asked, his voice betraying the irritation he felt, instead sounding panicked.


"I'm taking a nap"


Harry stayed tense.


"You got a problem with that?"


"Erm... enggh-- no."


The blond's hairs were tickling the skin at his neck.


Harry hated to admit it but Malfoy actually smelled good. No, not good. He smelled pretty damn good. Harry snapped to attention when Malfoy's nose touched his cheek.


"Malfoy" Harry asked, trying to lean his head away "Malfoy? Are you sleeping?"


The only reply was the Slytherin's even breathing. As soon as Harry had leaned his head away, Malfoy moved and absently leaned closer to Harry, nuzzling his neck. Harry's breath caught in his throat and his heart skipped a beat. When the Slytherin's lips were at his neck Harry's breathing became louder and he shrugged the shoulder Malfoy was laying on.


Continued in Part 2

A/N: Reviews? Yes, please. 


Tags: better not be late, draco, fic, h/d, harry, harry potter, nc-17, part 1
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